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Hello all. Lets get this forum going

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A expat in Cebu for some years already. Experienced recently that another forum lack honesty among those who run it daily and mods on a personal power trip (ban people without reason, only to hide the truth) so I welcome this forum, and hope more people will join here.

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Hi topcat.

We have a unique opportunity, joining this brand new forum.

You said you like to see a new direction.  Together we can make it happen. What would you like to see on a new forum?

Please share your experience about the Philippines, in the sub forums here.

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The one thing that put me off the other forum was it's predominantly right wing (pro Trump) rhetoric. I am not American so I really don't care who is in charge over there. However if you expressed views contrary to the cult of trump you were attacked and belittled, often by flat earthers and creationists. This often meant people who don't agree with this are banned or silenced resulting in a very one singular type of membership. 

I like political talk and discussion but it would be nice to have a more balanced diaspora. 

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I understand what you are saying. Im from Europe myself. I been active on forums since 2004 and topics about politics government army church, often become very heated, and what I call groups gangs clans on forums, just love to attack anyone who dare have a different opinion than them.  Some forums are very USA and Army oriented.

Not sure what direction this forum will take, since it just started up a few days ago. Very hectic days for the owner of course. I don't think the owner is from USA so I think we will see a more neutral forum here. In the end, it is us the members who make a forum. Members + mods + owner.

Yesterday at dinner, another foreigner came over and we started talking. This man was a reader on other forums, reader only because he also couldn't stand all the bickering and personal attacks  that are allowed on some other forums.

I will work hard so that we get a friendly interaction on this forum.  If we can avoid the Alpha males and keyboard warriors that thrive on other forums, we will have a unique forum. I come on forums to learn from others experience, and share my own with others. Not to fight.

To keep this forum friendly is 1st priority for all of us. Trolls will appear, but I know most of them from 3 other forums, and hope to terminate them, as soon they show their true intensions.

** I ask all who have registered on this forum,  please start contribute, post from your experience in the country. As soon our post numbers get higher, search engines will catch up, and new members will come.

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Yes.  Much of what I see is a pissing contest. Who can be most right wing. Allot of stolen valour wether it be army or civilian achievements. I often read this thinking who are they trying to impress. A bunch of stangers on the internet using made up names (myself included).


I did meet some from the forums when in Cebu and all were really nice guys. The online version of them is most often not who you meet in real life. 

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Hello and good day to all
I am Evan Iliadis. I'm sure you heard of me. The person sexpats and scammers in the other forum hate most. 
Be assured, I did not come here to use this forum as a missiles attack field. I have my own. 
I'm here to help you grow to a decent place of information for expats, information and opinions going further, much further than where to find a good paint in Cebu or if the pizza is good inside a bikini bar on Colon street. 
Expats, especially new or thinking of moving to, want to hear your story, experience, mishaps, success, etc. 
Admin, put all your efforts in attracting wide open the door to Europeans. Readers from other countries than the USA have their own criteria and culture in evaluating/judging events and situations, BTW Americans should listen, they can to learn a lot.  Unfortunately, not all of them can write fairly good English, hence the cause they don't participate. My advisement to them is: As long you English is readable and comprehensible, then, f'''ck the good grammar and syntax. All it counts is what you say and not how you say it. 
Sunday noon here in the French Riviera, nice and hot. 

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Hi all. I'm Jake. I live in the USA working for an insurance company at night. I come to the Philippines each year for 2-3 weeks but never stay in Cebu. I prefer the provinces. Is it okay if I am a member if I don't stay in Cebu?

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