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Why Filipino netizens are demanding for a boycott of this corned beef brand

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Filipinos have got beef with this brand of corned beef, and for a good reason that has nothing to do with food.

Brewing on Philippine social media right now is a campaign to boycott Delimondo, a local food brand popular among foodies for its premium corned beef.

However, the push has less to do with the product itself and is actually a form of protest against its owner, former senator and longtime politician Juan Ponce Enrile, who is currently under fire for describing late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law as “peaceful.


Making its rounds on Facebook is a post by user Maoi Arroyo who yesterday shared why she will no longer buy Delimondo products. Delimondo is a brand by the Enrile-owned company JAKA.

Arroyo did not mince her words either.

“Because Enrile is one of the slimiest politicians in a country where the average politician flings idiocy from their pores and their policies shape shift to suit the most effective strategy to steal from us,” Arroyo wrote.

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