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Technology For A Change

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Hi! I Just want to share my recent  experience.


I've been into rural places in the Southern part of Cebu for more than 2 days. We were reminded already that there would be no service, no signal, no internet connection from the moment we enter the place. At first, truthfully speaking we find places without internet connection as a 'boring place' but with the mind-blowing scenery and the lush mountains that surrounds us was beyond my expectation. I was able to find my inner peace in a peaceful place without pollution, traffic, disturbances that I encounter in my day to day basis in the City. We were able to talk without using our phones and you can really feel the personal interconnection with whom you are talking with, we woke up without checking our phones and we were gathered with the simple people living in the place full of smiles and laughter. I was able to survived without using my phone and I garnered beautiful experiences unlike in any social medias. 


Yes, technology will always have a place for us because it makes our lives easier but try to feel the warmth embrace of our  nature and  it will be worth while without using any phone ?

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22 hours ago, Melissa Mae said:

Hi- I agree with you . Ever since my new bf asked me to not go online while we are having sex its better sex for us !   Most of the time .  Sometimes i get bored . 

I have also removed the iphone holder from the lampshade I wear on my head while prancing around the pool playing accordion music at my house parties.  It makes for a more down to earth experience for me.  

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