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Buying a motorcycle in Philippines is very easy. As foreigner you don't get finance, so have cash ready. Bring your passport and cash, the full amount. You dont need a local driver lisence. Can use your lisence from your home country, for 90 days. Don't expect any discount. If you lucky, they have a promo going with free helmet or jacket. That's it.

New motorcycle  vs  2nd hand motorcycle?

New motorcycle come without registration plates. 'For registration' plate is all you get. Don't believe what seller or friends says.

I have been to LTO, here is what LTO said: New motorcycle can be used for 7 days ONLY, after date you bought it. Have your purchase docs with you when driving.

After 7 days you are not allowed to drive until you receive a temporary plate with digits, and or later your final registration plate with letters + digits.

LTO checkpoint. Without temporary or final registration plate, your motorcycle will be impounded by LTO. Add on citation fee, parking fee, and you don't see your motorcycle again until you have temporary / final registration documents.

Police or Citom checkpoint you might only get a citation fine, but not be impounded. Depends.

In the province, some areas no problem, depends from area to area.

My 2 first motorcycles I waited more than 9 months without receive final registration. On my 3rd purchase, a big motorcycle, I nagged them semi monthly and got my temporary (digits only) plate after 5 months. Final registration plate was never received when I sold it 1 year old.


Buying a 2nd hand motorcycle with proper registration number and OR / CR,  you.can drive everywhere legally.  Maintenance is not the norm here, so check a used motorcycle thoroughly before buying. Engine oil quality, color and level, is a good indication of the general condition of the motorcycle, as well as tyres, rims, wear and tear.

Buyer beware.


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On my last motorcycle the papers took 4 months to process, that is 4 months parked at home without going on the roads.

Have the temporary plate now, what I've read they still have a backlog from 2016 for motorcycle plates so I guess I won't be seeing that permanent plate any time soon.

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