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Meeting her parents for the first time

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So when we had been together a few months, she started to ask me, when would I meet her parents.

That was the questions I had waited for, but hoped would not come too early in our relationship  Just thinking about it, gave me butterflies in my stomach. I replied when we both sure it would last forever. I got away with that answer for some months, but inside I knew at some point  I had to 'man up', and meet them.

So finally on the day we were going to meet them in the province, I had heart beat, and braised myself for the big meeting. Imagining  a conservative catholic family, I imagined all the serious questions her parents was going to ask me. Do you have serious intentions with my daughter?  when you plan to marry my daughter? And similar.

Arriving early in the province, I knew my girlfriend love Lechon, so to sweeten up the meeting, I asked her to buy lechon for the family. She have young siblings, so 2 packs of red small hot dogs, junk food and soft drinks was also bought. I prepared my last minute before 'my expected execution' he he.

Artiving at her house, they were ALL there. Parents and sibling, and why not invite some uncles and aunties as well. Can only imagine  how my face took a whiter than white color.

The morning and afternoon went well, much easier than I have imagined. They was as shy to me, as I was shy to them, and no serious question was asked. Just small talk and laughter all day. Talk about worry for nothing.  They enjoyed the lechon and other things we had with us, and late afternoon we returned to the city.

Since them I have met them numerous times, and Christmas time we usually spend at their house. Nice sweet loving parents, who never ask for anything. Their house was in poor condition, so over the years I installed new roof, new bathroom, and other small things to improve their simple concrete house. A sari sari store was added, to help them have more income in their daily life, and the store make 500 to 1000 peso a day. With 7 children, 5 still in school age, the earnings is well spent. Not 1 time have I been asked for money or loan or anything else. They happy with the things I done for them, and I am very happy to meet such a nice, down to earth family. They don't have much, but they seem genuine contended with what they have.

I worried for nothing.


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The parents are okay, mostly. Decent people. But the younger siblings are often jealous, and want to have your money, and want you to buy food and alcohol, pay everything forn them, buy cellphones and other "smaller" presents.

Often the other siblings manipulate or even black mail the Piliina wit an Americano as a friend.

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I have been rather lucky in that I don't have money to flash. I've had 5 girlfriends in 19 months. I've lived with them in their homes so they don't get any funny ideas. If things get to out of hand like jealousy, needy or marriage I just move out to another town. 

Finding them is rather easy. I roll into town and hang out at a local carenderia for a couple meals. Usually by day 2 the lady of the store starts fishing around and sets me up with a couple locals.

Making sure they don't get too demanding or start talking about babies is the hard part.


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Ouch!  5 girlfriend in 19 months?

You playing the field, until one day you meet a lady with parents, who have connections. Your girlfriend feel (was) played with, and feel hurt, and now full of revenge. Philippines 7.641 islands, becoming too small for you. Many guys came here in the past, played the field, became obsessed with more ladies.  In the end when they go too far, they end up in Jail.

Could be a idea for you to read these articles as well:




* And the topic we talking about here is: Meeting her parents for the first time.

Please stay on topic.

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I met my gf's parents on my second visit to see her. Very nice middle class family who would never accept anything from me. All the kids are college educated or college bound. I don't understand why so many foreigners hook up with such poor uneducated people that they are expected to provide for her family. Why not get together with a Filipina who can carry on an intelligent conversation and is independent? 

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Meet my GF's first visit, meet youngest brother at the airport with her, bought dinner for us, a bit awkward. Hung out in the city for a few days before heading to the province. Family is very nice to me, and on my 2nd visit gave a Birthday Surprise gathering by the beach, big B'day sign, cake, some beer, lots of food. Good people. Will be going back just under 2 months.

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