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  1. Police tells public: Know your laws THE Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) identified several laws and city ordinances (CO) as their basis for arresting individuals during Oplan Tambay operations.CCPO Chief Joel Doria advised the public to know their local laws to avoid arrest, as the police are set to strictly enforce these next week.Among their grounds for arresting individuals are CO 1929 or the ordinance against drinking in prohibited or public places; Executive Order No. 26 that implements the smoking ban; CO 2108, or the anti-dispatching ordinance; and CO 1786, or the curfew implementation for minors.The list includes CO 801 that covers the use of roller skates and similar devices; CO 1940, or the anti-noise pollution ordinance; CO 1361, which punishes those who are urinating, spitting, littering, defecating in public places; and other ordinances covering adult and minors involved in trouble, stoning, riots and gang wars.“We remind the public that they have nothing to fear if they’re abiding with the law. The only ones who should be afraid are those who are creating trouble and criminals,” Doria said.Doria assured that police officers will follow protocol when arresting individuals.Shirtless individuals will not be arrested but will be asked to put shirts on.As of 10 p.m. last Saturday until 3 a.m. yesterday, 530 individuals were given warnings for violating laws and ordinances.In Talisay City, around 202 people, mostly minors, were apprehended by local police since last week.As this developed, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) urged the police to implement the laws without compromising the rights of every individual.With the Philippine National Police having no clear guidelines on how they plan to implement Oplan Tambay, CHR 7 Director Arvin Ordon said it is clear that it might be abused.Atty. Ordon hopes that police will do better than apprehending innocent bystanders who are merely exercising their right to movement.“The freedom of movement should not be prevented. The police should continue to respect human rights and observe the rule of law,” he said.Ordon said they will continue to monitor police’s operations and implementation of local ordinances.He urged local government units to craft ordinances that will not be used to abuse the right of others.Malacañang earlier said that President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t order the PNP to arrest loiterers but urged them to implement local ordinances focused against loitering, drunkenness and indecency. (JOB, JKV with reports from KAL) https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1749609/Cebu/Local-News/Police-tells-public-Know-your-laws
  2. Cebu Zoo CLOSED July 2017
  3. Thanks for the info. I made a search in the news, and it seems it was closed last July. Carmen is 1.5 - 2 hours drive from Cebu city + travel from national highway, up the mountain 20 minute to the Zoo. Maybe 2.5 hours each way from Cebu city, to get to / from the zoo. Can't see too many tourists willing to travel so far, just to see another Zoo. Sad news for Cebu city, that lost a tourist attraction.
  4. Time Square next to Park Mall Cebu, is the new place to eat, drink, dance, party. With LIV Super club as the main attraction, Time Square attracts more and more people. Many restaurants and a few bars. It's a small place, so don't put your expectations too high. It's not Manila or Angeles, just a small place with expansion plans.
  5. Tower 1, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Fuente Towers, Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, 6000 Philippines Telephone Nos.: (032) 418 - 8888 / (032) 418 - 7777 Monday - Friday (Open from 2pm till 12mn) * Saturday - (Open from 10am till 2am) * Sunday - (Open from 10am till 2mn) http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com https://www.tripadvisor.com.ph/Attraction_Review-g298460-d1724990-Reviews-Sky_Adventure_at_Crown_Regency_Cebu-Cebu_City_Cebu_Island_Visayas.html#travelerReviews Sky Experience Adventure – Theme Park on Rooftop of Hotel Wanna become a certified Sky adventurer? Then the Sky Experience Adventure on the top of the highest hotel tower in the Philippines is the best way to test and overcome your fear of heights! Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu is a 38-story hotel tower with a height-defying amusement facility located right in the heart of Cebu. http://seektheworld.com/sky-experience-adventure-theme-park-rooftop/
  6. 63 Must-try Things To Do In Cebu https://trekeffect.com/travel-blog/50-must-try-things-cebu
  7. Links to Tripadvisor, about things to see in Cebu. Whale shark swimming. Bohol day tour. Cebu island hopping. Oslob whaleshark. Moalboal Island. And many more. Some of these seems expensive, can cut cost travel to location by public aircon bus, or ferry. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Products-g294261-Cebu_Island_Visayas.html https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g294261-Activities-Cebu_Island_Visayas.html
  8. address of Cebu Zoo is:Woolbright Drive, Beverly HillsCebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000 Cebu Zoo entrance fee is amazingly cheap as the City Government sponsors it.The Entrance Fee for the Zoo are as follows: Adult: 25.00 Philippine Peso Child: 10.00 Philippine Peso 4. Do Foreigners have different entrance fee? Do Foreigners have different entrance fee? Definitely not! https://cebuzoo.blogspot.com/p/cebu-zoo-faqs.html?m=1
  9. INTERACTIVE MAP: Spate of killings in Cebu August 3, 2018 AT LEAST 25 persons were killed in a series of shooting incidents in Cebu from July 2 to August 2, based on SunStar news reports. Among those killed were active policemen, village officials, and civilians. Below is an interactive map that shows where these incidents happened. Just hover over the tag icons to see the details. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1756150/Cebu/Feature/INTERACTIVE-MAP-Spate-of-killings-in-Cebu
  10. MCIAA tightens security at Mactan airport August 3, 2018 GENERAL Manager Steve Dicdican of Mactan-Cebu International Airport authority (MCIAA) has issued a memorandum to all Regional Management Council (RMC) 7 members to prioritize public safety against terrorists. Dicdican announced yesterday that they are intensifying security checks and observing heightened alert status at the Mactan airport premises following the directive of DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade in the wake of the bombings in Basilan that killed 10 people. RMC 7 is composed of agencies attached to the Department of Transportation like the MCIAA, Office for Transportation Security, Cebu Port Authority, Philippine Ports Authority, Philippine Coast Guard, Land Transportation Office and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. Dicdican emphasized the need for inter-agency cooperation against any threat to public order and security. “Our facilities must be kept protected from any incident caused by inadequate security measures and lapses in our security procedures. Our task necessarily includes protection of human lives and properties,” Dicdican said. Meanwhile, the GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. announced that the flooding at the Terminal 2 will be rectified once they correct the gutter installation. Last July 31, heavy downpour and crosswinds brought excess rainwater to the Passenger Drop-Off Zone and Link Bridge of the departure area, causing minor flooding at heel level. The incident was captured on social media. As soon as they’re done, rainwater from the Link Bridge canopy will flow to the drainage system. (EOB) https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1756101/Cebu/Local-News/MCIAA-tightens-security-at-Mactan-airport
  11. Ok hehehe some new info there. Look at it this way, in Philippines you get + - 42% more for your US $ than in Thailand. Thai Baht has been unnatural high for years. As you said 2.5 yrs, many things can happen.
  12. Good topic. For myself I prefer a condo with kitchen. However most units ask at least 1 month rent + 2 month security deposit (some even more) Example, Ramos Tower near Robinsons fuente typically rent for 20 - 25000 php per month. I will use 22.000 php in this example. 6 months lease will cost me 132.000 + 6x electric (2500) = 147.000 php for 6 months. The hotels i used ask 31.000 php or more per month. No kitchen. No electric bill. No minimum 6 months lease. = 186.000 php for 6 months. But full freedom to pay month by month. No 6 months lease. Airbnb, same size unit in Ramos tower rent out for 40000 php or more. For other buildings as well, airbnb rates are outrageous. = 240.000 php. Will never understand why anyone throw away their money this way. Only advantage I see with airbnb is that one can rent daily weekly monthly. No minimum 6 months lease. Only advantage. 6 months lease condo 147.000 php ( deposit paid and returned, not included) Cons: locked to 6 months lease. Cancel lease, loose 44.000 php sec deposit. 6 months hotel 186.000 php (but freedom to move out end of month). Only Con: +- 40.000 php more than condo - the price of freedom. Airbnb serious waste of money.
  13. Hi topcat. With 2000 $ a month, you will have a comfortable life with your wife in the Philippines. If you are able to comfortable live in the province, without getting bored to death, I expect you will not even spend 1000$ a month. I spent only 30000 php or 600$ myself, when I lived in province together with girlfriend. As legally married, you qualify for 13A visa, so visa will not be a economic burden for you, as it is for us singles. City life, rent alone can be 200$ unfurnished - 600$ furnished a month. Dining out etc, I would guess you end up spending 1200-1500$ a month if you have a economical low maintenance wife. And you also of course. You mentioned Thailand. I lived there for 10+ years. When you turn 50, you can qualify for non-o retirement. Rules are 800.000 B in pension (2100$), if you have less, you still qualify if you have some savings in a local bank acc 2-3 months before you apply for non-o retirement. Your legal wife can piggy - back on your non-o retirement. Meaning she will get same visa as her legal registered husband. Your wife will love the food and shopping there, and she will really hate the humidity and even higher temperatures than in the Philippines. However, remember the saying ' Happy wife = Happy life'. Asians are so family oriented, so in the long run your wife would be less happy in another country. It could also put other strains on the marriage, so I hope you will carefully consider this with your wife, if you both want to live in a 3rd country. Alternative, consider to live in the PH, and take holidays in other nearby countries yearly / semi - yearly.
  14. I understand what you are saying. Im from Europe myself. I been active on forums since 2004 and topics about politics government army church, often become very heated, and what I call groups gangs clans on forums, just love to attack anyone who dare have a different opinion than them. Some forums are very USA and Army oriented. Not sure what direction this forum will take, since it just started up a few days ago. Very hectic days for the owner of course. I don't think the owner is from USA so I think we will see a more neutral forum here. In the end, it is us the members who make a forum. Members + mods + owner. Yesterday at dinner, another foreigner came over and we started talking. This man was a reader on other forums, reader only because he also couldn't stand all the bickering and personal attacks that are allowed on some other forums. I will work hard so that we get a friendly interaction on this forum. If we can avoid the Alpha males and keyboard warriors that thrive on other forums, we will have a unique forum. I come on forums to learn from others experience, and share my own with others. Not to fight. To keep this forum friendly is 1st priority for all of us. Trolls will appear, but I know most of them from 3 other forums, and hope to terminate them, as soon they show their true intensions. ** I ask all who have registered on this forum, please start contribute, post from your experience in the country. As soon our post numbers get higher, search engines will catch up, and new members will come.
  15. Are you consider moving to Philippines or SEA and become a expat? Next year it's 20 year since I made the big step, sold out, and moved to south east Asia. This was before internet took off. I planned for a year, read all books I could find related to expat life. The first years I lived in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, before Philippines caught my attentions. Looking back, I did a few mistakes. I sold all I had. If I could do it all over again, I would still have sold the house, but I would had bought a small apartment. Back then I had enough of my home country, cold weather, living cost and government. Now I wish I had a apartment back home, so I could go back home every summer. The most happy expats I met, is those who kept some property back home and return yearly for a holiday. Things one should consider carefully, before moving: * if you consider move to Philippines or south east Asia, keep a smaller apartment back home. More than 50% of the expats I met, more than 50% moved back home, within 2-5 years! - If one is a 'loner' back home, this will likely not change, when one live across the world. - If one is a heavy drinker, one most likely end up full time alcoholic, because alcohol is so cheap here. - Of those adventurous who started up a business in a new unknown country, a huge majority went bankrupt within 2 years. * Can you afford to live in another country for the rest of your life? - Visa extensions, medical insurance, rent, electric, food - how big is your budget? * Plan to live on savings until you receive retirement pension, or already receive pension? Are your pension index regulated yearly? * Plan to buy a condo? How big is your budget for this? In 2018 price is 2000 $ or more - per square meter. Happy to buy / live in a shoebox size apartment only 22 sqm / 250 sq feet and pay 45.000 $ for it? * Medical insurance, any pre-excisting history, that will be excluded? Have savings for this? Age 60+ and have budget to pay 1500- 2500$ in yearly premium for medical insurance? Will your current insurance company also cover you after age 65/70? * Plan to find a partner, and understand Asian culture about this, that you are expected to help out? And your budget have room for this? * If you find a partner with children, prepared to pay living cost for her children and their future education? Still within your budget? * if your in-laws get sick and admitted to hospital, your budget can still afford to pay their medicall bill? * When your in-laws become older, you don't mind they move in with you? * if your dreams failed, and you realize you have to move back to your country of birth, where you going to live? If you sold everything when you moved to Asia before, will you now have savings to buy a apartment back home, that in the years you lived abroad, now cost 2-3 x more? Can your pension even cover the rent for a 1 bedroom, that now rents out for insane high amount? Are you prepared to move to south east Asia, and become a expat?
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