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  1. Found some lingerie on Lazada, might be cheaper than the usual stores https://www.lazada.com.ph/
  2. I believe buying from a bank the title is in order as the bank checks these things thoroughly prior to giving out a loan. On a lot I own I can see on the Tax decleration a bank used to own it way back 2003, bought by another individual in 2006. Bought by me last year and had no problems.
  3. Not always true if the owner is posting directly, if it goes through a real estate broker might be a different story.
  4. I live around the area as well (actually closer to Fuente) but a regular in Rustan's Banawa too. Just watch on the expiration dates in Rustans Banawa supermarket as they have plenty of products very near expiry. (compared to the Ayala branch where they have more choices) On a lighter note that Abaca across the road got a great big breakfast (English breakfast was it called? I can't remember). Pretty huge full oversized plate but comes with a price ?
  5. I second Luncheonette (from the Abaca companies), great sandwiches as well. Is walking distance from my place. They also have a sister shop in Paseo Banawa with breads and pastries.
  6. I don't leave the country much but my last ACR renewal took around 6 weeks. The ACR has to come from Manila. Just a heads up, you are required to inform BI of any change in address right away. If you inform them of change in address when you renew and have been living at another address you will get penalized P500 per month.
  7. I've had good experiences with Big Tom as well, parking can be a pain at times if your bringing a car (like most places parking is a problem)
  8. I've had one for the past 13 years, being a Permanent Resident and the ACR is valid for 5 years. When I renewed mine last time they issued a new ACR but still used my picture from the original ACR card (back in 2005) When I definitely looked way younger ?
  9. I personally like the Honda quality, and plenty of parts for Honda motorcycles can be found everywhere. I also have a made in India bike, aside from the vibrations seems to do well.
  10. crazy, good thing I don't visit casino's. I'll spend my cash elsewhere.
  11. On my last motorcycle the papers took 4 months to process, that is 4 months parked at home without going on the roads. Have the temporary plate now, what I've read they still have a backlog from 2016 for motorcycle plates so I guess I won't be seeing that permanent plate any time soon.
  12. They have a huge parking, but can get pretty packed on weekends. But there are more parking spots at the back.
  13. I also do the TU200 promo for Sun, for Globe just regular load (no promos). I have Skyinternet at home just on the wifi most of the time.
  14. When you still have the piece of paper in your wallet they call a Drivers license..
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