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  1. The other forum being the police state LINC I presume ran by Nazi Adolf Dog. Should be LINK....Living in North Korea.
  2. The head of the police’s anti-kidnapping unit has described how a woman tried to trick her American boyfriend with a fake kidnap scam. Colonel Jonnel Estomo, Anti-Kidnapping Group-Philippine National Police head, also detailed how the woman had already taken the 41-year-old for nearly 15 million pesos before the five million kidnap scam. Col. Estomo bared all about the unnamed couple’s relationship after his agents were sent to “rescue” the woman from a budget hotel in Dagupan City on Saturday (August 10). When they arrived, operatives stormed the room and found the 40-year-old
  3. What's happening in the world...LINC has banned Johnny Drama...aka Fred, aka jtmwatchbiz, aka sylvester. The guy was such an informative member, a wealth of knowledge re: Cebu. Very sincere and serious. Seems a mod in LINC, who, I might add, is a 2 faced backstabber, could not tolerate the genuine input of this long time member. I just hope that Johnny Drama is able to maintain a long lasting relationship with his girl friend Melissa Mae and wish them both eternal happiness. Good Luck. Ingat.
  4. Stick with Air Asia then in the future
  5. Gotta laugh at this guys humour... Duterte boasts size penis claims highly equipped
  6. Some members here may be familiar with Lee and his wife Nila. He was an active member on a few forums regarding Cebu. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer and passed away earlier today. We used to meet up at Casa Verde for lunch and sometimes I'd pop around to his place in Winland Towers. A great guy who would be so helpful to many people. Sincere condolences to Nila at this sad time. RIP Lee. Great knowing you mate.
  7. I have tried FilipinoCupid, dateinasia.com and asiandating .com sites but have give up with them now. They just don't seem trustworthy. I got one girl interested and did some chat on skype. To check if she was genuine I opened another account in the site and showed her interest and sent messages to her. Then I contact her from my original membership and ask if she has had other interests from members and she said no dear, I am focused on you only. So she got dismissed. Is there really any way to meet a genuine girl or is it luck of the drawer? Any advice? Thanks.
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