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  1. It look like you be stir the shit at other linc forum and now you ignore by people there cos ban you. did you be throw other people in swimming pool? รจ la vita
  2. Contact slyvester for party info where many girls go.
  3. it ok now. my gf sister is marry to man with condo unit in winlan towers and we stay there for 2 nights then go back her house in carcars province when festivel is finish
  4. I make my 1st time visit at sinilog festivel time to meet my gf in cebu. What is best hotel for this festivel time?
  5. hello silyvester, my gf say ur crazy cos she never meeting you and she a girl. she be telling to me that you may be khano from usa and call you a yank that same sounding as septic tank and you be drink to much poopoos from it and it make you talking shite word back cos it bad
  6. hello silyvester i am now got girlfriend who chat video for 6 week. i go meet her at sinilog festivel
  7. hello my girlfriend say no good date a hermophradite because you have 2x sex organ and it make your head crazy
  8. i am not roman,,,i come from napoli. i not stirring the shit
  9. i not on other messge bords...what you mean? i am wanting fun also
  10. Do member here be going to meeting other member becase i not be invitating to party til some one see me that am ok guy
  11. Thanking you to invitation for me...do girl at party like man from Italia
  12. hello.was party being ok last nite. no problem?
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