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  1. Hi! I Just want to share my recent experience. I've been into rural places in the Southern part of Cebu for more than 2 days. We were reminded already that there would be no service, no signal, no internet connection from the moment we enter the place. At first, truthfully speaking we find places without internet connection as a 'boring place' but with the mind-blowing scenery and the lush mountains that surrounds us was beyond my expectation. I was able to find my inner peace in a peaceful place without pollution, traffic, disturbances that I encounter in my day to day basis in t
  2. Technology and Information system are the major enabling tool for new products, service and business models. Business models are used to describe how company produces, deliver or sell products or services to create profit. So without technology we were not be able to access different levels of convenience and comfort in our daily lives and through the use of technology other forms of innovations can be created.
  3. Hello there! Welcome to the forum and feel free to post anything relevant or ask questions from this forum ?
  4. Kate

    Modern Heroes

    Do you affirm that our OFW's are considered as Modern heroes because of their remittances? In my case, Yes, I do ?
  5. Capitalism sometimes known as market economy or laissez faire is our economic system here in the Philippines. Our economic system reflects our political system. In Capitalism the government has less intervention over its people and private sectors. If you are interested to start a new business, I would like to simply imply that if you have the capacity to provide the needed capital then you can have the freedom to create and start your own business right away. So to those potential entrepreneurs widen your minds, take risks and be more initiative in starting a business ? Just want
  6. Have you tried using your bare hands in eating? Some might say that its unhygenic or awful to look at. But, here in the Philippines it represents the culture itself. Have you tried "budol/ boodle fighting" it is required to use bare hands in eating. Rice, sea foods, or pork are placed in a banana leaf. These tradition never runs out of style from generation to generation because it enables gathering, connecting, and socializing with one another and at the same time it gives you a joyous feeling while eating using bare hands ?
  7. Philippines is considered to be a developing country. Unlike, Congo and Haiti as an example of less developed countries in the world. I think poverty is the main problem here in our country. Poverty occurs when people are unable to meet their basic needs such as adequate food, shelter, health and education. I think if these basic needs are disseminated and provided to every filiponos, there would be no filipinos in extreme poverty and struggling to live. Having a rapid growth of population is also a factor of poverty here in the Philippines such as too many poor families that are having more
  8. Where do you prefer to go or what do you prefer to do in celebrating monthsary, anniversary, or any special occassions?
  9. Indeed. All of us are now experiencing inflation. Inflation is the abnormal increase of goods and services and it can greatly affect the daily lives of our people in providing there basic needs such as food. If average people are now budgeting and affected by the inflation rate, how much more to those unfortunate ones? some are crying for hunger. I hope duterte's administration will take an action to our increasing inflation rate especially here in Cebu.
  10. "Education is the key to success" Education is the most essential instrument to achieve success in life. It will offer more opportunities for possible career achievements and personal growth. For me, as a typical student, having a certain degree is one of the most important milestones in my life. Cebu Normal University is a state college that grants free tuition and free miscellaneous to all the best and qualified students for tertiary level. It is located in Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City. Aside from CNU, Cebu Technological University (CTU) also offers free education. All universitie
  11. Cebu Normal University is a state college that grants free tuition and free miscellaneous to all the best and qualified students. It was particularly implemented last 2016. All universities here in Cebu are quite expensive, but CNU offers free education with the best training. CNU are also accepting foreign applicants that are interested.
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