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  1. I eat my lunch at Vikings or some of the hotels 90% of the times
  2. goran


    After a long relation me and Monique breakup, last night she returned to Manila. The problem is more Cebu than us, she is a big city girl and she did not understand the local languish here. Already Saturday she is back to her old job in Mixed nuts and her friends in Manila. There was no drama or trouble, we agreed that this was the best, my driver has arranged with someone who will drive her car to Manila, and I gave her money for rent and new start-up there in Manila for the first few months. I had a nice and fun time with her. But life need to goes on!
  3. I ask my helpers, 250-300 pesos a week they say. To me its seems to little. They say nice good lunch at Jollibee is less then 150.?? I used to lunch buffet around 1k hehe
  4. Remember this is a gift, or for something extra she cant afford normally, maybe she also want to bring some friends out for food and coffee. I sponsor the dresses++ for my drivers daughter weeding last year, the dress for her and her 15 bridesmaids was round 70k+. I think he used around 400k on the weeding. The bridegrooms side also used a lot of money. I understand that here in the Philippines they use lots of money on weeding and they love it.
  5. In Colon maybe, but Monique use 10-15k when she shopping in Raintree Mall. If you want your girl happy, give her some money. Send her 200-300 dollar, then you make her happy and she can bye some hot and sexy lingerie.
  6. Hm this storry dont matsh up to anny of my experience in real life in Sweden or here in the Philippines, or maybe when I was 14-15. "do not expect any kiss or more on the first few dates" LOL Girls and boys in the Philippines is like all other girls and boys.
  7. Most of us have helpers here, what is your experience and advice? I have two regular helpers in the house, a cook, and a driver plus an accountant that helping me, they all have the same salary, benefits and conditions expekt my driver. My helpers are her for me 24/7 even if they of duty they come if I need, or send some others. My moral and human perception makes it impossible for me to pay less for a day here in the Philippines than we pay for an hour in my family company (142 SEK per hour, 830 peso). I pay 850 a day, 25,855 a month, but my driver get twice this amount monthl
  8. You need to come to Cebu, dont get a online girl! When you in Cebu its easy to get a good girl. One of my visitors got marred to a wonderful woman he meet in the Adventist Church. He went there and ask some of the members to help him to get a good and trustworthy woman, and they "give" him 5 different. "In the same way, the women are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything." Timothy 3:11
  9. Monique bye all this things in Raintree Mall and some place in Colon. They have all you need also "toys"
  10. Good news! My driver (x Police) told me that he had to get extra income to pay for his 3 kids in college. They all got good jobs now.
  11. I think you can get whatever you like at a party in Sylvesters house, lots of women there, young and some more mature. Also transsexual and gay.
  12. You to nice, I can have my driver TALK to him! A week or 2 in a hospital is what he need!
  13. You need to file a case agents him! You dont know what he going to do next time.
  14. You know him? have he behave like this before? The Police say his name id Fred or something
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