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  1. First question I asked in the Introduction Forum was where are the msg board rules posted? I was told by GT that the rules haven't been posted yet and we are to use common sense. Well, sometimes common sense isn't very common is it? That's why we have the mess like what we see in this thread.
  2. GT Its says pretty clearly at the top of the thread that you started on Aug 9: How to meet a Pinay lady? Sylvestor mentioned a few ideas----meeting people at a carenderia doesn't seem outrageous to me or probably anyone else. From this point on you started in on poster and never stopped. Its also considered bad form for a mod (or site caretaker in your case) to pull comments that a poster made in other threads to help buttress whatever argument you are trying to make here. These comments can easily be taken out of context and the next reader of this thread might have no idea wh
  3. Unless something has changed recently, I'm pretty certain that an ECC before departure is NOT required for people staying in the country on a Balikbayan stamp in their passport.
  4. Do you think that expat msg boards are being monitored by the Phil Gov and negative comments noted and acted upon? I have seen this suggested before. I think that I found the 84 yr old professor story on this site. He had been a protestor in the past and upon his return the PI was nabbed at the airport---is that correct? If so, you can't come here or a lot of other countries and think that you can have a voice in politics,etc. You gave that up when you left home.Wonder how much longer the 70 odd year old nun who is facing deportation on similar charges has left in this country???
  5. Didn't come here to complain about the PI, its people or anything else. Nothing that you or I say will change this place a bit. IMO though, people who are considering moving to the PI should be aware exactly what they are up against---the good,the bad,and the ugly.Long term expats--people that have lived here for decades seem to be willing to accept over time the "bad" as the new norm and grow testy when these issues are even discussed.This isn't fair to the people that might come behind them. Haven't heard the foreign professor at the airport story yet---will look into it. L
  6. Yes, I'm an expat and currently live in Tacloban. I asked about the rules right off as I have been a member of other message boards in the past where if you post anything negative about the PI (even if its the truth) you will be banned immediately.I was just wondering what the Admins take on this subject was.(Are you Admin,a mod,or perhaps the owner ?)I have a lot of experience with the PI going back almost 35 years but lost my rose colored glasses on the flight over.Please advise. Thanks.
  7. Good afternoon. I'm a refugee from the "other" Cebu site looking for something better. Hope that this is it. To begin with---where is the section detailing all the rules of the site? I probably missed it somewhere.Please advise.Thanks.
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