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  1. Jake


    I used to like black guys in the 90's when I was in Attica.
  2. I met my gf's parents on my second visit to see her. Very nice middle class family who would never accept anything from me. All the kids are college educated or college bound. I don't understand why so many foreigners hook up with such poor uneducated people that they are expected to provide for her family. Why not get together with a Filipina who can carry on an intelligent conversation and is independent?
  3. Sylvester, I plan on being in Cebu from October 15 - November 13th. Any chance you will be having another get together during that time? I know my gf would like it. I would like to introduce her to Studly and his gf. Knowing how my gf is I think the girls would enjoy each other's company.
  4. Hi all. I'm Jake. I live in the USA working for an insurance company at night. I come to the Philippines each year for 2-3 weeks but never stay in Cebu. I prefer the provinces. Is it okay if I am a member if I don't stay in Cebu?
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