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  1. I met 2 of my past bfs at slyvesters
  2. My friend has a one bedroom in Winland [ 40 sq m ] he doesnt rent but might consder for the right person??
  3. My Korean friend tried that but he found it to tiring to take care of 3 woman . Imagine 5 of them !!
  4. Hi- I agree with you . Ever since my new bf asked me to not go online while we are having sex its better sex for us ! Most of the time . Sometimes i get bored .
  5. Yes- I remember your gf. She was very confused . I explained to her that yes, I have 2 sex organs- they are called ovaries. She never heard of them before . I also told her that despite what you told her 3 inches is NOT normal length for a guy . As for my head being crazy - isn't evryone a little bit crazy ?
  6. We always like to go to Henann on Panglao for the weekend for special occasions.
  7. Are you suggesting that all filipinas are the same and that there is no difference which one you marry? Can I ask you - how does it feel to marry a foriegner?
  8. I agree. That is just about right . If she wants more she will have to get it from either her husband or her bf .
  9. The lucky guy doesn't know it yet but my sister and I are very fond of 3somes- and we both are turned on by this guy so we decided to surprise him!! hehehe
  10. Well I don't ask him what he do when he is not here . I know what men are like . Fair is fair no?
  11. Its up to you! If you dont beleive me just ask your other friends! Anyway its your party so it is for you to decide . But i still had a very good time . Except for Fred the other foriegners were all really nice. I have a date with one next saturday hehe
  12. Silvester you are very nice guy but maybe too much ? You know Fred was the guy who threw the stuff into the pool ???? I saw him do it . Everyone saw him do it while you were in the house. He also threw the bayot into the pool . If you want to give a watch to someone you can give it to me !! ?
  13. That guy very strange - he tried to buy the watch my Korean bf give to me !! haha
  14. I had a wonderful time - also my sister and our cousin . [ especially our cousin - she is still with that Italian guy you introducd her to . hehe ] We never been to party like that before! so many crazy people!
  15. Sorry but Friday i take day off and let my manager be the in charge . But send me a message with your cel pls so I can text for direcions . thnx
  16. Are you guys planning another party soon? Maybe i can join?
  17. Someone told me that it was a good way to meet foriegners if i joined a foriegner forum like this . I hope better here than dating site . Too many chic boys there hehe
  18. I work in a restaurant near Cebu Doc. But I am not sure if we met coz I dont' recognize your photo
  19. I would never let my bf make me take a test when he comes. How would i explain if i was test positive or was pregnunt ? I dont want him to know what i do when he is not here .
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