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  1. I have also removed the iphone holder from the lampshade I wear on my head while prancing around the pool playing accordion music at my house parties. It makes for a more down to earth experience for me.
  2. That's not a girl. I know him. He plays bongos at my parties.
  3. Whatever you say royman but just keep things civil and you may actually enjoy some forum fun. Stir shit and everyone will ignore you on this forum too. We all living in Cebu just want to have a bit of fun and get along.
  4. You may want to focus on perfecting your fake presentation of fractured English. You stand zero chance of conning any one of us. We know who you are as we have been warned about your trolling on other message boards. Your fixation on our private parties was a dead giveaway. Be nice and you may stand a chance of making some friends. Even though we exaggerate on the silly happenings at our parties everyone here is just having fun so my advice is learn to be a team player and enjoy this new fun forum.
  5. That looks wonderful. Where were you dining? I like the veggies!
  6. Oh Man my 4 girls I have on staff probably burn thru more than that a day each. I keep my gals happy and agreeable.
  7. That's too bad to hear but don't worry you can easily find another. Lots of gals that come to my parties like black guys.
  8. No that gay one is the guy that had the Ferrari and got angry at the neighbor because he made fun of the ladyboy that got pushed into the pool.
  9. Hi Topcat of course I was joking. In my case I simply put the home I bought in my brother's wife's name as she is a Filipino citizen. I put up the money but It is officially their home but I don't mind.
  10. That's true me either. Our Italian friend at the party made a date with Melissa's sister and Melissa said she will go along but I think that's different.
  11. Your attempts at playing the readers here is failing. We all get along very well and many know each other personally. If this kind of friendly atmosphere is not to your liking then make suggestions how it can be better. How could we possibly be any friendlier? However if you are going to be so confrontational and scared and concerned about some party venue that you obviously are not required to attend then how can we help you?
  12. Hi and nice to see more people join this great forum.
  13. Hi Jake glad you are planning to come back to Cebu and of course I would be very happy if you would come to my parties! I hope you like polka music? My neighbor and his wife will provide the home made pizzas!
  14. With all due respect sir why would you think I need to answer to you? Perhaps you should mind your own business instead of trying to cause conflict where it doesn't exist? He is my neighbor and friend and I don't need your approval.
  15. I would think so. Her name is Ricardo. I think he/she was here with the one that was accompanying me on bongos while i did my acoustic renditions of Tom Jones greatest hits on my accordion.
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