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  1. Illegal to Be in the Company of a Minor in the Philippines Republic act 7610 Definition of Terms. -(a) "Children" refers to person below eighteen (18) years of age or those over but are unable to fully take care of themselves or protect themselves from abuse, neglect, cruelty, exploitation or discrimination because of a physical or mental disability or condition; http://www.pcw.gov.ph/law/republic-act-7610 Any person who shall keep or have in his company a minor, twelve (12) years or under or who in ten (10) years or more his junior in any public or private place, ho
  2. Blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.05% * 3 months imprisoment, or more. * Fine from 20.000 to 500.000 php. * Driver lisence confiscated for minimum 12 months. http://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/2013/05/27/republic-act-no-10586/ https://www.lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2013/ra_10586_2013.html https://jlp-law.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-under-the-anti-drunk-and-drugged-driving-act-of-2013-republic-act-10586-a-primer/
  3. First date, what to expect? So you already got a lady's phone number and you chat on viber, facebook, skype. You now set a date and time. First date is typically in a mall, morning or early afternoon. Choose Ayala, because Ayala also have a nice garden where you can start and end the date. Most dates are held between 10am to 3pm. Your date want to be home before dark. Meet on time, most ladies will arrive late to a date (unless you say American time, meaning On Time. Even so, don't expect your date to be on time). My first dates, I always waited average 2 hours or more, before m
  4. How to meet a pinay lady, if you here for the first time? The most used method is Internet dating sites. Search Philippines ladies dating sites, or pinay dating sites, and many options are to be found. Internet have many pros and cons. Time consuming. Easy to get her phone number, not so easy to actually meet. Reasons like, no fare for jeepney, no load to reply text messages, its raining, its heavy traffic ..... If she ask you to pay taxi fare, you should avoid and find another person. Many past time people on internet dating sites, and also many not looking for a partner, but rather a t
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