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  1. A big problemm I have with Filipina's, and not only in the PH but everywhere where I met them, is they do not tell you the truth. I'm not talking about being in a relationship. Already at the first little conversation they start telling you ?? "not the truth". Even not knowing you and your prefernces. Simple things ... how old are you. Many "make" themselves many years younger. Why? I do not like the really young women. I like mature women older then 33, prefer about 40-45-50. So many times they say I m 29 but they are 39, which I like. Same with children. Do you have children? Yes sir, 1. Sometimes they say 2. That really can mean anything, up to 5. Maybe the man likes a large family with 5 children .... And this goes on and on, the longer you know them and come in their life the more you notice, what she said at the beginning is not the truth. I really have a problemm with that. When this happens too often at last you do not trust or believe a word from them. It even happens in a relation, how can I be a good partner from a woman when I even do not know that she has 4 children to take care of, instead of one, like she told me. Or her nephew is her son, her youngest sister is her daughter. Did you experience this too, how do you think about this, and how you manage this problemm. And special to you, Filipina women who maybe read this too, why? Can you explain or maybe defend that "habit"? What can I say to Filipina women so they are really open to me and I can trust her on her word? How can I convince her it is better for both of us to be honest? What is the magic word or sentence in this?
  2. Okay, these prices are affordable. Now she is asking for wedding dress pictures. I told her in my countryyou are allowed to mary only 6 times and I already did, but she said she does not care.
  3. Was busy for a while but now I have time again. Because I m ill in the house. Winter is coming already. So I would love something hot! Like Cebu, maybe 30 degrees more then here. My favourite surroundings are 37 degrees
  4. I mean an ID for western union. I want to be sure it is that person. She indeed had an passport but that expired. So how much you think?
  5. I will tell you a secret. I buy liempo and do it in the fridge. When it is cold it can be cut easy and I make thin slices and put it on my Full weat bread. With a little mostard. Ofcourse with a big cup of hot an sweet coffee. And it goes perfect with mij home dinner Sauerkraut. Do not know in English, but that is potatoes and sauer cabbage. In Europe winterfood but I noticed it is delicious in summer or in PH when it is eaten cold. Sometimes I put mostard, pieces of pineapple or raisins in it. Sauerkraut in the PH. Expensive. But I buy it in EU and take it with me on my flight or we send some balikbayan boxes some months before. One time our boxes (3) were very late and arrived the day before Christmas. Filled with chocolate, Haribo, Sauerkraut, cans with liver paté aso (and so on, not dog!) It was a delicious Christmas Eve. Many herbs and sauces in dry form. ---------------------------------------- Going back we fill our luggage with them candies they sell on the street, with (brown) suger for bico - rice, and solonpas. Which cost in EU 10 times as much.
  6. Is that in or excluded massage? But it is not my staff. It is just somebody I write with !! Never seen her, just want to pay her her cost for internet and a little extra for merienda now and then. Who knows, maybe she has a dozen or two from this kind of "friends". Two dozen is 24 times lets make it in generall 5000 piso each, what makes 120.000 a month. Not bad, at least a lot of merienda !!
  7. Can somebody tell me what cost an ID in the PH for Pilipina who had already a passport because she worked abroad. Please
  8. Waw, thank you. It really is good and very complete. Another, minor tip, keep walking when you get approached by beggars or sellers or what ever. Once in a while at once I stop and look back, if somebody is following me (to pickpocket?) he cannot stop and start walking when I walk again. Have in your pocket a handful coins, 10 peso, 5 peso, and maybe some notes like 20. When (mostly youth) late at night in a group are more or less agressive, take that change and drop it. And like I said, keep walking. Walk quick away and that youth is gathering the coins. Once I was in a dangerous situation. 4 boys age about 14 at night where agressive. I took my secret weapon. A policewhistle. You buy them for ?? 50 peso for two. Or say the guard I need that and give him 50 or 100 for it. So at night with this 4 and the situation was threatening, i take the whistle, say to them, ah, you want trouble, you get trouble and start blowing that whistle like crazy and shouting very loud: police, police, rugby boys. At least you pronounce it like that. I did never heard the word outside PH but as far as I know it means them who sniff glue. Police does not like them, the result was, in a second they were gone. Your strongest weapon is your tongue, and a clear mind (do not be drunk!) One time at night surrounded by a group ogf grown up boys I said to the woman with me, who was carrying a big bag: asawa (wife) give me my pistol. And pulled the bag from her shoulder. But, when it is serious, at night, not to many people, grown up or young adults or adults I advice you to say: patientia, no violence, I give you everything. And hand them everything of value like your cash, your watch (a cheap one special bought for there), and the cheap or even second hand phone (too special bought for there). Do not risk your life or your health for (maybe) 100 USD and a cheap phone. I will tell you too next time a really thrilling story (which was on Phillipine tv in TV Patroll) and happened in Cebu, what I know out of first hand. Okay, I know more stories, I will write them down soon. And you ??? Please give us your tips. What happened to you. Good and bad! Next time too I will write how smart they pickpocked my cellphone. And about magic tape. And about custom made clothes.
  9. Yes, but what is your favorit lunch dish or food. And what is the favorit lunch for Pinoy. Adobo, Caldereta, with rice. My lunch (brunch) 11.30 is 6 tomatoes 3-4 eggs and 125 gr. ham or bacon. All baked in a pan. With 6 slices of full eat bread and several cups of coffee. That keeps me going till dinner at 7. But I never found a good hotel or restorant where I can order that. So this is my at home brunch. But I agree that with 150 peso you have reasonable Phillipine style lunch. When I brunch outside my favorit is rice, soup and liempo (Roasted fat porc belly) Ofcourse with coffee.
  10. Hello, you are spoiling her! A lunch OR an icecream, not both !! She will become fat. haha, biero lang! I was thinking about 4000 peso a month. So I think we have about the same idea.
  11. Hi there, Could you advice me how much to send a Philipina in this situations: - I write her, have never seen or met her in person. I like the contact and do not want that she pays the costs for contact me. Howmuch is reasonable to send her monthly. And it should be enough for an icecream or lunch on her day off once a week. - when I decide to send an amount that really make her life nicer, easier, is a good help, but still she needs to have a job. So a helping hand. - when I really want to take care of her but in a simple way. No luxury. Thank you already for your reply
  12. 200-300 USD. I am not a cheap person but that is about 10 -15 thousand peso. Which is an monthly income for many people in the Ph. How much have I to give her when we ever marry, for a wedding dress. And the wedding party. I just do not want a woman who is like that. I like a simple person but intelligent, not a modell or a princess. Off course she would be happy with 200 - 300 USD. If somebody send me 250 USd I would be happy too, buy some shorts, make 1-2 holes in it and send you pictures from me, hoping you want to see more and send me more money to see me in a string.
  13. What cost a ID for somebody who had already ID before (passport, she worked abroad? Funny about lingerie. The smaller it is, the more expensive. And some are already broken. I saw a panty with o hole in it. But expensive, about 20 euro. Just small panty with hole in it! Terrible! For that amount I prefer to buy a really nice small panty for about 5 euro and make a hole in it myself.
  14. What I already was afraid for. I think it is a scam, I 'm sure for 90 % She wrote me that if she know where to find and I send her some money, she will buy it and make pictures of herself wearing it and send it to me. But ofcourse first send money. So I think I test her, what amount will she ask. She replied, up to you. But !!!! she write she has not a ID and I would have to use another name (her friend she said) to send the money to. Now I think she is using not her real name to me. And I think you can buy "something" starting 1000 peso? Do you agree. Because I will ask again howmuch she needs.
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