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  1. Hat off to you Linx for this fantastic work searching on "Gnothis eafton" (know yourself) that might, or might not solve your ID conflict. I'm born from Greek parents, raised in France, moved to the US 20 years and back to France again. I'm visiting Greece quite often, I still speak fluent Greek, yet, when there, family and friends at greeting time will ask me "how long you gonna stay?" When are you living. Because for them it make sense, is logical, that after lived most of my life out will make my integration difficult. Wrong and ignorance. I feel more Greek than them, Greeks of the diaspo
  2. Adding capital gains and documentary stamp (about 10% of the price) plus inheritance taxes from 3 generations that weren't paid, the seller wants you to pay. Most of the lands in Bohol are not titled, your need to apply for one and it takes time and money IF everything goes well, without one of the heirs show up and pretend he was left out of the deal and refuses to cooperate with the conversion of the tax declaration status to a title. Clarification: This forum is about Cebu why I started a thread about Bohol? It's because countless foreigners - and wealthy/middle-class Filipinos al
  3. Hallelujah! Kudos to the good guys fighting for. But Angeles still alive. Hopefully Duterte after finish with the drugs will take particular care of them. I hope, activists around the world from within or out will continue what we have started and push it further.
  4. Hello and good day to all. In the years from 2000 to 2006 I have invested a bunch in the PH, precisely on Bohol, purchased land, built two houses including a dream house, 30 hectares trees plantation (now sold) with a lots of hassles and complications, all resolved one after the other with the help of good lawyers. I have learned a lot, some of the experience acquired for free (lucky me!) Meaning I lost time but not money, other for a fee to repaire mistakes, bad advisement and miscalculations. No regrets at all, the value today is 9 times up compare to the total cost. You can't fi
  5. Hello and good day to all I am Evan Iliadis. I'm sure you heard of me. The person sexpats and scammers in the other forum hate most. Be assured, I did not come here to use this forum as a missiles attack field. I have my own. I'm here to help you grow to a decent place of information for expats, information and opinions going further, much further than where to find a good paint in Cebu or if the pizza is good inside a bikini bar on Colon street. Expats, especially new or thinking of moving to, want to hear your story, experience, mishaps, success, etc. Admin, put all your effort
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