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  1. Hat off to you Linx for this fantastic work searching on "Gnothis eafton" (know yourself) that might, or might not solve your ID conflict. I'm born from Greek parents, raised in France, moved to the US 20 years and back to France again. I'm visiting Greece quite often, I still speak fluent Greek, yet, when there, family and friends at greeting time will ask me "how long you gonna stay?" When are you living. Because for them it make sense, is logical, that after lived most of my life out will make my integration difficult. Wrong and ignorance. I feel more Greek than them, Greeks of the diaspora are excelling everywhere in the world, be it in business or politics perfectly integrated in their adoptive countries. Keep up your search, you're still young, it's just the beginning of a long journey to your personal research and pothen ilthes (Wence came you) Thanks also for the valuable links your post contains. Regards Evan
  2. Adding capital gains and documentary stamp (about 10% of the price) plus inheritance taxes from 3 generations that weren't paid, the seller wants you to pay. Most of the lands in Bohol are not titled, your need to apply for one and it takes time and money IF everything goes well, without one of the heirs show up and pretend he was left out of the deal and refuses to cooperate with the conversion of the tax declaration status to a title. Clarification: This forum is about Cebu why I started a thread about Bohol? It's because countless foreigners - and wealthy/middle-class Filipinos also - looking to exit Cebu for better places, Bohol being one of them, Cebu is just from 45 minutes - to hour and a half away, depending on the departing/arrival port, Tagbilaran or Tubigon.
  3. Hallelujah! Kudos to the good guys fighting for. But Angeles still alive. Hopefully Duterte after finish with the drugs will take particular care of them. I hope, activists around the world from within or out will continue what we have started and push it further.
  4. Hello and good day to all. In the years from 2000 to 2006 I have invested a bunch in the PH, precisely on Bohol, purchased land, built two houses including a dream house, 30 hectares trees plantation (now sold) with a lots of hassles and complications, all resolved one after the other with the help of good lawyers. I have learned a lot, some of the experience acquired for free (lucky me!) Meaning I lost time but not money, other for a fee to repaire mistakes, bad advisement and miscalculations. No regrets at all, the value today is 9 times up compare to the total cost. You can't find that in the first world. Yet, there is something incomprehensible going on now days on Bohol, hard to understand the logic behind this marketing. For exemple. In 2001, the owner of a land adjacent to mine (10 000 sq.m offered to sell it to me for 150 pesos sq.m. net for him, all taxes and expenses on me. Really cheap. I hired a lawyer to investigate the tax declaration documents and taxes ( No title) owed to BIR. The Lawyer came to me with astronomical numbers for the Philippines reality, something to make anyone run away from the deal. Last year I saw a sign on his land FOR SALE. I called and asked the price and was told is 1 500 pesos per sq.m. net for the seller I did not mention anything about taxes but I knew from the neighbors is not paid. Question: A super market, or any kind of retail store, will cut the price to sell an article that is on the shelves unsold for more than a year, at a price of whatever he can get. How a land that is on the market for more than 20 years couldn't be sold at a cheap price will now be sold at the highest? The answer I got is the price went up because of the new airport opened in Panglao. Bohol has always had an airport with 3 daily flights to Manila and fast boats to Cebu almost every hour. The new airport is newer, most important, decongested the trafic downtown Tagbilaran. We looked around the island on a land of two hectares overlooking the sea. We had an offer for 1 million pesos 5 years ago. We were to close the deal to 1.2 millions when their lawyer told us there is a change of heart, they now want 2 millions, because of the airport all lands for sale are reevaluated. In the meanwhile nothing is sold, Do you know any country in the world that people buy near an airport or because there is an airport nearby? Especially there always was one for years just moved out of the town center it was before to pollute the already polluted beaches in Panglao and make it a second Boracay. Welcome to the Philippines real estate world.
  5. Hello and good day to all I am Evan Iliadis. I'm sure you heard of me. The person sexpats and scammers in the other forum hate most. Be assured, I did not come here to use this forum as a missiles attack field. I have my own. I'm here to help you grow to a decent place of information for expats, information and opinions going further, much further than where to find a good paint in Cebu or if the pizza is good inside a bikini bar on Colon street. Expats, especially new or thinking of moving to, want to hear your story, experience, mishaps, success, etc. Admin, put all your efforts in attracting wide open the door to Europeans. Readers from other countries than the USA have their own criteria and culture in evaluating/judging events and situations, BTW Americans should listen, they can to learn a lot. Unfortunately, not all of them can write fairly good English, hence the cause they don't participate. My advisement to them is: As long you English is readable and comprehensible, then, f'''ck the good grammar and syntax. All it counts is what you say and not how you say it. Sunday noon here in the French Riviera, nice and hot. Cheers Evan ILIADIS
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